Vedic astrology pisces lagna

In conclusion, this were general traits of people born under pisces ascendant, this are also sometimes inclined towards liberation.

Moon in Sagittarius People Nature, Temperament and characteristics. This people are Moon in Scorpio People Nature, Temperament and characteristics. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Is of phlegmatic and windy Temperament.

What is the life of a Pisces Ascendant all about? (Vedic Astrology 12th house)

Physical Features : Pisces generally produces short people. They will weigh as much as tall person as they will be plump and the hands and feet will appear to be short and stout. The shoulders are muscular and spherical. The eyes will be big and protruding. The hair will be soft.


They will be honest, outspoken, helpful and humane. Just like water which can put out the fire, the person born in Pisces will calm down the enemies, treat them courteously and forgive them. They will be unassuming and due to over liberality and unbounded generosity, they cannot progress much. They are good observer. They cannot think of doing harm to anybody. As it is a dual sign, they are puzzle to others and to themselves. They cannot be steady. They are mostly sweet tempered and socially inclined. Being a feminine sign, they can be led away by fresh ideas and fancies.

They are polite and modest. Being a common and feminine sign, the expression of their thoughts will be modified and even thoroughly changed depending upon the audience. Pisces type of character is really difficult to cope with. Being the 12 th sign of Zodiac, they will have the desire to study the occult science, the divine life. They have the wish to go overseas and will be visiting foreign lands. Mars being the lord of second house makes them extravagant.

They earn more and spend much more money. They gets good neighbours and develops their friendship by their generosity and great service to them. You may be extravagant with your money and impulsively splurge on luxuries and comforts that you might not need. Being aggressive in terms of financial planning, you are likable to be successful.

Having Leo as Sixth House, makes work the focal point of your life. You dedicate yourself completely to your work and want to be praised for the same. You need to feel proud of your accomplishments at the work. Your health is closely related to your workplace environment.

If you are happy and appreciated, you feel healthy physically and mentally. But if you are stressed at work and not satisfied, it can take a toll on your health. You may at times have the tendency to boss around at work or else to be appreciated and acknowledged.

Tenth House in Sagittarius, gives you optimistic outlook towards your career and professional goals. You work hard but might not commit yourself entirely towards any one job and might have more than one careers. You are good at salesmanship.

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For you satisfaction in your job is more important than anything else. You take your career as a challenge and may have to travel quite a bit.

PISCES Ascendant and Nature of House Lords – Divine Time Astrology

A job related to teaching, foreign culture, travel, writing etc might suit you well. Here are free tips on how to select an Astrologer. First House in Pisces individuals come across as sensitive, shy and compassionate. They seem to be dreamers and low on confident. Though they ask for help, when upset and anxious, which they easily become; they rarely ever pay attention to the advice given and do what they like. They have strong intuition and are secretive.

12. Good and Bad Planets - Pisces Ascendant (Meena Lagna)

Often unrealistic while setting goals, they lack decision making skills. This could be also because they hate to hurt anyone in process. Naive and adaptable, people with Pisces as ascendant are often found to have artistic talent. With Fifth House in Cancer, you prefer hobbies like cooking, knitting etc and these may act as creative outlets for you. You are creative and love comfortable hobbies. In romance, you are very emotional and do not believe in casual affairs. You may seem to be clingy by your partner and may have to face several painful experiences.

General Astrology

Once you learn how to stabilize these emotions, you will settle down. Working on your inner vulnerability will help you a lot. You will nurture your children and be protective towards them. Mysteries of Life, dark hidden secrets and even taboos attract you, with Scorpio as Ninth House. You love to research and read to understand things in depth.

Vedic astrology pisces lagna
Vedic astrology pisces lagna
Vedic astrology pisces lagna
Vedic astrology pisces lagna
Vedic astrology pisces lagna
Vedic astrology pisces lagna

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