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If you want to know the Chinese Zodiac sign as per year of birth, refer the table given below. You may wonder why the Chinese Zodiac signs are represented by animals. One of the reasons might be these animals are closely related to daily lives of Chinese people. Animals like dog, pig, rooster, goat, horse, and ox are main domestic animals while animals like monkey, snake, dragon, rabbit, tiger, and rat are loved by Chinese people.

Besides the difference in Zodiac signs, the division of the Zodiac Sign is also a significant difference between two. In Indian Astrology is Zodiac wheel division is monthly while in Chinese Zodiac wheel the division of signs is yearly. Though you know each Chinese zodiac signs represent a year, many people do not know each hour is also associated with a Chinese zodiac sign. The characteristic of a person is more determined by the birth hour and less by the birth year. Here is the hour chart and the corresponding Chinese zodiac sign.

The Chinese and Hindu Astrology are ancient and tested methods of Astrology. They have been used and practiced by people for hundreds of years to know what is stored in the future. Even in the digital age, many people successfully use both ancient sciences to find answers to complex questions in their life.

There is no doubt the Hindu Astrology and Chinese Astrology play a major role in lives of people even today. LOG IN. Log into your account.

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What Your Native American Zodiac Symbols Really Means

In the daytime it is moody; there may be blazing sun, or racing clouds, or darkness followed by thunder and lightning. And yet on a clear night the sky is the very opposite - predictable, if you look hard enough, with recognizable groups of stars moving in a slow but reliable manner. Man's interest in the sky is at the heart of three separate stories - astronomy, astrology and the calendar. Astronomy is the scientific study of sun, moon and stars. Astrology is a pseudo-science interpreting the supposed effect of the heavenly bodies on human existence.

In early history the two are closely linked. The sky is the home of many of the gods, who influence life on earth. And the patterns in the sky must surely reflect that influence. Mesopotamia and the Babylonians: from BC. Astronomical observation begins with the early civilizations of Mesopotamia , where prominent constellations the patterns formed by stars in the galaxy are recognized and named soon after BC.

Similarly the sky-watchers of Mesopotamia identify the five wandering stars, which with the sun and moon form the seven original 'planets' Greek for 'wanderers'. Within Mesopotamia the Babylonians , flourishing from the 18th century BC, are the first great astronomers. The minutes and seconds of modern astronomical measurement derive from their number system.

And it is the Babylonians who introduce the useful concept of the zodiac. The Babylonians realize that the zodiac - the sequence of constellations along which the sun and the planets appear to move in their passage through the heavens - can serve as a yardstick of celestial time if divided into recognizable and equal segments.

Which is why, they tend to use their heads while making decisions. They tend to go with the already established norms, and are not quite the risk takers.

The Indian Doctors Who Created An Animal Ark - WILDEST ANIMAL RESCUES

They are great providers, ensuring that their loved ones have all their materialistic and emotional needs fulfilled. They are also very helpful and loyal to the ones they love. On the other hand, beavers do have a cunning side to them. While soaring high in their ambition, they can become quite authoritative, for which they do get into trouble at times. Also, they tend to become excessively cowardly, nervous, and desperate if they tend to control a given situation. It is also not easy for them to let go, for which they can be quite resentful and scheming. Deer May 21 to Jun The deer is an enchanter that grabs everyone's attention.

It is admirable for its looks, sharp senses, and swiftness. You will hardly find this creature steady at one place as it is always on the move, just as the member of this clan. Those born under this symbol are highly inquisitive in nature, which compels them to constantly move from one place to the other.

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They are also very particular about their appearance and tend to be well-groomed. Being quite sharp and intelligent, they can engage practically anybody in a great conversation, which makes them great hosts. They are constantly looking for stimulation and excitement in life, which makes them highly moody and fickle-minded.

Although they are amazing friends, imparting their humor and liveliness to the lives of others, on the downside, they can become quite lazy, selfish, impatient, demanding, and undependable. Being an equivalent to the western zodiac symbol, Gemini, these people can show their two-faced personality quite often due to their constant mood swings. Woodpecker Jun 21 to Jul Woodpeckers are known to provide the perfect nest for their offspring that consists of anything and everything that they need to thrive. So are the members of this clan. They are highly protective and supporting, playing the part of the much-needed listeners who empathizes and understands with love and patience.

They are totally devoted to their loved ones and will shower all their love and care to them without fail. However, they can be overtly protective and jealous at times. Yes, although woodpeckers are the most supportive and romantic of all other zodiacs, their highly sensitive nature can also make a thriving environment quite smothering. They are best to be with when their situation is well secure. A defeated or unsuccessful woodpecker is likely to peck into your life without realizing its limits.

The negative traits that may show in these times include possessiveness, anger, resentment, and jealously. Salmon Jul 22 to Aug The Native Americans take inspiration from the salmon in many ways, one of them being the difficult journey it takes in its lifetime to find the perfect spot for reproduction.

Indian Astrology – Moon Astrology, Moon Sign Horoscope and Chart

Those who bear this totem are known to have a salmon's traits of being highly determined, focused, and enthusiastic about their goals and ambitions. Their willpower is unvanquishable, and so is their power to influence others. These clan members will easily spark the spirit of others and make them a part of their quests in life. They are also very creative and friendly in nature, and always find the kind of moral backup that they need in their lives.

Bharani (13°20' - 26°40' Aries)

In a good environment, they can be quite generous, helpful, and loving. However, these people also possess the negative traits of being egocentric, obnoxious, and intolerant towards the need of others. In such situations, it is natural for others to lose their faith in those belonging to this sign, which in turn ends up hurting the salmon's ego furthermore. Brown Bear Aug 22 to Sept The bear is looked upon by the Native tribes as a creature who is methodical, intuitive, and levelheaded.

This ability of the bear makes its clan members great mentors, especially when it comes to making others listen to the voice of reason. The practical and modest demeanor of these people makes them great confidants as they are always able to understand and decipher the important details of a coiled up situation. They are also very generous and giving to those they love and care for.

They have a big-heart, patient attitude, and an intellectual and inquisitive mind. They have great analytical abilities which makes them great advisers. On the other hand, bears do tend to be lazy at times. They can also be quite a bit of introverts and skeptical, which may prevent from exploring their inquisitiveness towards their surroundings.

A negative experience in life may force them to stay aloof from mainstream society, where they live secluded in bitterness. Raven Sept 22 to Oct Ravens are known to balance the extremities of two sides. The Native Americans believed this bird began its life as a white bird. However, as it grew, some wrong actions and sacrifices changed its color from white to black.

The 12 Signs

Hence, this totem is also symbolic of our outer as well as inner self. Those born under this clan are peace-loving creatures who strive for harmony and unity in the environment. They often act as the wise old men of the group, whom others look up to for opinions and advice.

indian astrology animals Indian astrology animals
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