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I know also aspects have something to do on how smooth the relationship-friendship can go, I have some examples: First couple Sun in Libra Moon in Cancer with Sun in Gemini Moon in Taurus, Moons sextile in synastry. Now we have both suns and moons being compatible, suns make it easy to handle each other, they are both air, not so emotional and prefer to analize feelings, the moons make them feel a special connection between each other, even though their relationship has never been easy or smooth, I can say it has been quite tumultuous, Libra sun always complaining that Gemini sun is emotionless and unable to express affection.

Again both suns and moons are compatible, share a good aspect in synastry but it has not been an easy friendship, they do not always understand each other, Taurus sun is dominant over Cancer sun, wants to be always on the winning side, but yes, they understand and support each other in some way even though their synastry has many hard aspects.

Have you ever saw a synastry between not so compatible moons acting in some way smooth to each other? Do you think moons have to be compatible in order for a friendhiop-relationship to stand in good and bad times? Yes, they are important because they represent basic expectations and instinctual nature and those are deal breakers.

Having said that, I have a couple of remarks. First, stroong Moons are moody, changeable, with a sense of entitlement and with very high expectations. I happen to have one of those too,so I put myself in the same group. Both Moons you have cited are such. Often, IMO, Moon in Cancer is the worse as her changeability is brought to the fore and knows no limits if there is no restraining force in the natal. People oftenforget that Moon is about change not only about emotions, instincts,etc. Much less so about anything romantic, IMO. Second, there is no synastry to promise a relationship and even less so - a happy or easy one.

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There is no such thing. And yes, I have seen many many challenging synastries working in the long term. I see no difference actually in the ratio between smooth looking and challenging synastries in terms of end result. Partly, this is because each synastry has at least one problematic aspect and each natal - more than one. Partly,because a smooth synastry lacks excitement and if in the natal of any given partner this is obviously needed and desired, the relationship is done. And third, no matter how the Suns and Moons aspect each other, it will take just one square or opposition between important planets in any natal to turn the whole thing into endless series of petty arguments which sooner than later will exhaust the initial attraction Mars square Mercury or Sun very often plays out like that, Mercury Venus as well.

Or a square or opposition with Saturn and we have a beautiful couple on the surface while beneath it an immense tension builds up, resentment, rebellion, etc. To the point where it explodes. And so on, and so on.

I agree with much of what Ronia says. The key things to remember are that house placements are far more important than sign placements.

Yes, signs modify the planet to a significant extent but the area of life in which it manifests is determined by the house that it is placed in and the house s that it rules. Secondly there are seven major planets and if you want a host of minor ones. The all contribute to the nature of the nativity and thus they all contribute to inter personal relationships or lack of them. You cannot come up with an accurate judgement about a nativity or the way two people relate without taking into account those two factors. Ascendant, Moon and Sun may be the three major factors but they are not the sole factors and as Ronia said a hard aspect between two planets, especially ones that rule or are placed in the seventh or the fifth may destroy any favourable relationship between Suns, Moons and Ascendants.

Thank you both for your answers, I have been reading lately how important is moon compatibility that it made me think, so what's going on in the synastry of those couples who have incompatible moons? How are planets, houses and aspects helping them? Recently I met two couples from who I asked their sun signs didn't want to ask the birth time too because I had just met them and I know sun sign is not enough but it just catched my attention and I wished I knew their birthday and birth time Sun in Libra - Sun in Pisces and Sun in Libra - Sun in Cancer, and I just thought, how can it be possible for them to be married after a couple of years and have a family?

Since most books make sun sign moon sign compatibility a must for keeping a relationship, they have made me think that incompatibility is a big no, no, and if you have it, it will just end badly. I was so curious about their full natal chart and synastry and how they blended, the houses where the plantes fall, the aspects, everything as a whole.

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Originally Posted by Ronia. People often forget that Moon is about change not only about emotions, instincts,etc. Well, think about the tides the Moon rules. It's comings and goings. She is also the most often changing face on the sky, each few hours. My own understanding of the Moon doesn't come from one book and is partly influenced by older texts which I started reading in relation to horary astrology.

And then from practice and from observing my own Moon and how it plays out. You make your move thoughtfully and quietly — but powerfully. That small sigh, that quick brush against a thigh. Mars can have a tough time in Libra, which craves harmony and balance. You fight fair, and you take you time deliberating, in both fight and flirtation. How you channel energy: By keeping the peace.

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But you believe in establishing harmony in your life. Keeping a level head. Pleasing conversation.

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Beautiful surroundings. Establishing balance. Or you arrange the situation in such a way so that they ask you out. Ruled by Mars, Scorpio — like Aries — is where Mars finds its height. But whereas Mars in Aries is the warrior on the front lines, a bit rash and impulsive if extraordinarily powerful and fearless , Mars in Scorpio is the spy. All strategy, all stealth. Mars in Scorpio will wait you out.

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Out think you. Out play you. Outlast you. If wronged, you never forget. Productive, obsessive, possessive — you know how to get what you want. How you channel energy: You need to spread your wings. Like Gemini, your opposite sign, you require freedom and variety in romantic adventure. How you ask someone out: Bluntly. I want you, do you want me? If so, great. If not, you go your way and I go mine.

This is a very take no prisoners, no hard feelings placement. The celeb doppelganger couples are great examples of committed couples with this placement. When you decide you want something or someone , you are unyielding. Your biggest turn-on is success — your own as well as that of others. How you channel energy: Productively and obsessively.

In earthy Capricorn, the sign that wants to build, Mars, the planet of action, is exalted. Like Mars in Scorpio, you have a tendency towards fixation and workaholism, and you require partners and playmates who understand this side of you. How you ask someone out: Directly. You have approximately zero time for bullshit.

Think Professor X. That fight with your partner they just now saw coming? You had it in your head ten minutes ago. How you ask someone out: You are an expert at playing it cool, at asking folks out without seeming too emotionally invested.

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But why are you so detached, babe? What do you have to lose by showing your hand every once in a while? Every evening and morning presents the opportunity to learn something new. The ultimate romantic. How you channel energy: Through touch, through just being. Cultivating boundaries and learning to articulate what you need will help. How you ask someone out: With a glance. With touch. With energy. You know how to project yourself across a room. To get the most accurate chart, you need your exact time of birth in addition to your date and place of birth; however, you can still do a chart without a time of birth.

Go forth and learn! You can read her horoscopes for writers at Electric Literature. She is currently working on a memoir. You need to login in order to like this post: click here. Mostly my extreme attraction to her. Scorpio revels in the transformative, in those liminal moments between life and death, between foreplay and sex and orgasm, between society and the abject.

Oh, and when it comes to sex, nobody does it better. Your thinking is dynamic, sharp, innovative. Sensitive, intuitive. You care with your whole heart. You crave oneness: merging, losing yourselves in each other, two or more become one. Have really enjoyed reading these! It really is all about whatever has my cogs turning at the time. Also explains a little the discrepancy between myself and my Leo Mars partner, haha. Always a challenge to date your pretty much exact opposite sign! This is me and my partner too! So rare to hear of other couples with this pairing, haha.

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libra synastry compatibility Libra synastry compatibility
libra synastry compatibility Libra synastry compatibility
libra synastry compatibility Libra synastry compatibility
libra synastry compatibility Libra synastry compatibility
libra synastry compatibility Libra synastry compatibility

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