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The owner of 8; Sun is in the Star Jupiter the occupant of 10 and owner of 3 and So sun is the signifactor of the houses 6, 8; 10,3 and 12; it signifies the matter of these houses and so on with other planets. The table B shows signifactors for each of the 12 houses. The signifactors of the house 1 are Mer, Jup, Sat. The signifactors of the house 6 are Sun, Moon, Venus, Rahu, Ketu; hence they signify the matters of that house and so for other houses. The table C shows the houses signified by each of the 9th planets.

Moon is the signifactor of the houses 2, 7, 6, 9. Saturn is the signifactor of the. Read Free For 30 Days. KP House Combination. Description: In kP astrology different house combination shows the results. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Vd Vivek Sharma. Sanjay Ku Agrawal. Suryanarayan Iyer. Krishna CH. Happy Kumar. Karanbir Singh. Aliahmed Nizamani. Bhaskar Thakurnagar. Thissa Weerasekara. Popular in Religion And Belief. Stephen Lowell Takowsky. Zoran Zukovic. Martin Gualdarrama.

Lian Las Pinas. Aly Acabal. Anna Gonzalez. Oliver Rosario. Jason Nelson. Zafar Hayat Khan. Marguerite Paizis. Towards the Goal of Immortality S. Leandro Domiciano. Please help us to share our service with your friends. Share Embed Donate. B When we take the planets sub lord they are imperatively necessary or commandingly or peremptorily necessary, to predict the time of event of occurance of a matter. For detailed study and understanding, let us presume that Sun is in the lagna bhava for a Thula lagna native who is the XI lord in Thula lagna.

There are the stars of Mars, Rahu, and the star of Jupiter. Therefore there are chances for the planet Sun to occupy any of the above said 3 stars, at the time of birth. If the lagna begins just at the threshold of Thula lagna at o Mars star and Mercury sub. An astrologer in K. Similarly you can understand in which star and sub a planet has occupied and in which sub it was in at the time of birth.

If some other planet occupies any of the houses of either the star lord or the planet, either the star lord or the occupant will not signify those houses, which he owns. Let us assume that Sun has occupied the star of Jupiter, who owns the 3rd, 6th, and occupied the 9th and as Sun of lord of 11th has occupied the 1st house where he is in.

So, many people who do not have faith in astrology. This was found by repeated researches in K. Astrology, and opened our eyes. To get a correct chart of horoscope, one should be aware of using K. Most Hindu traditional astrologers do not go upto the exact degree minute and seconds for the time of birth of a child. Ayanamsas other than K.

According to K. They are like turncoats and play havoc also if connected favourably If one suffers, say for finance, our great Sathguru Sri. For ones marriage the 2nd 3rd 5th 7th and 11th houses are necessary. The 3rd is for agreements by both the parties. The 2nd is for family set up. The 7th is for life partner. The 11th signification denotes fulfillment of desires. It is advisable to call the Ruling Planets at any time when the urge comes in the mind of the querent or of the astrologer.

The R. If becomes the common significator, it is imminent that the marriage will take place during the harmonious Dhasa periods. If an event is expected within one year from the time of judgement on a day, when the R. Here one should understand to look into the cardinal, fixed, or common signs, for the sensitive point of trace. This is written in the following pages in this document. If the matter is to happen within 30 days, specifically in 27 days of lunar month, you should move the Moon, that is to locate the Moon which will transit in the area governed by the significators are available, that is the sensitive point of trace.

Next, if an event is expected to happen on the same day, find out when will the ascendant transit in a sensitive point of trace, sign, star and the sub division of the significators to the event. The sub lord of the XI cusp is very important. In a horary chart, the event matter fructifies if the XI cusp sub lord is a fast moving planet and deposited in a cardinal sign Chara rasi , the event takes place in a very short period from now.

If the XI cusp sub lord is a fast moving planet and if deposited in a fixed sign, the event matter happens within a few days. To find out this in a horary chart, move the Moon to transit in a sensitive sign, star and sub. If the XI cusp sub lord is a fast moving planet and if deposited in a common sign, the matter in question is a complicated one Dhwi-swabhava. For this in a horary chart, the event fructifies when the Sun transits in a sensitive point, which has the useful significators, found in the horary chart.

During that time, when the Sun transits in a sign-star-sub of the significators, the expected event comes to the fore. Here some points are given for your reference. If it is a fixed sign depositor, move the Sun and forget about the Moon. The slow moving planets are Kethu, Raghu, Saturn, and Jupiter. If it shows a long time for fructification of an event in a horary chart, we have to move the Jupiter, who is a slow moving planet.

Therefore, take the ephemeris of K. The time of an event will take place only during the good Dhasa, bhukthi and anthara significators periods. One should not forget this point If the Dhasa lord is a favorable planet for the marriage, he will show the green signal for marriage.

2nd House of Finance in KP Astrology

At times, he may not get all the three planets in a sign. Similarly, Moon should transit in a useful star or sub. You can check up this when an event fructified and we are unaware. For calling the R. P, one should have a watch showing time according to the B. R timings. This is very important. A margin of 5 seconds difference in your watch will not cause much difference in the movement of the planets and the cusps. By calling the R. P, we will find the strongest, stronger, strong and weak ruling planets as significators for an event. The ascendant star lord is the strongest R.

The Moon star lord is the stronger R. The ascendant sign lord is the strong R. The Moon sign lord is also a strong R. P but comes in the 4th grade. The day lord is the weaker significator 1. If the ascendant sign in the R. P, if falls in a cardinal sign, the event may take place when the significators in the R. P and the common significators in a horoscope transit through the same sensitive zone:a The first zone as per K.

P sign falls in a fixed sign, there will be some delay till the significators transit in the III zone. If the ascendant R. P significators transit in the II zone in a sensitive point. In all the III zones we have the planets in the same order as in the 1st zone. To fix the required zone we have to find out the position of the Moon at the time of calling the ruling planets. Then note the ascendant sign that rises in the R.

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If the sign is Leo it is a fixed sign, which is in the II zone itself. If the ascendant has fallen in the sign cancer it is a cardinal sign, which falls in the 1st zone. Care should be taken in the fixing of the required zone. If in the R. One should understand this point well. As Moon also in the same zone, one should move the Ascendant, or Sun or Moon in the same zone as per necessity. If one expects an event to take place on that day itself, he should move the ascendant in the same zone and to transit in the sing-stare-sub in this zone, according to that present day has Thula and Vrischika laganas to be moved by the ascendant.

Actually, the expected visitor came in Vrischika lagna Mercury star Jupiter sub, who, were the significators by R. In case the matter is not expected on the same day, but expected to happen in a month's time, we have to see the movement of Moon, to a sensitive zone.

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Moon on that example day was in Jeyshta star in the II zone of the zodiac, as divided by our Sathguru Sri. Suppose when we call the ruling planets, if they are Sun sign in Leo and Venus star P.

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Hence, when Moon transits these sensitive points, over the strongest R. When we have sought the help of the Ruling Planets, those R. If the nodes Rahu and Kethu automatically figured in the list of R. Even if Rahu and Kethu are conjoined with or aspected by any of the R. Therefore in K. Astrology, one should reject such a R. This will help to find the correct time of an event. One should find out the motion of the Moon on that day, and divide the sub portion transited by Moon from a.

An example to show that an event takes place when the ascendant, Sun, and Moon, transit a sensitive point in the zodiac in a star according to the signification obtained by a planet i. We shall take Kethu, who was a Bhadhakasthana significator by occupying the star of Saturn who is 9th Lord at 9th. So Kethu is a Bhadhakasthana significator to the Rishabha Lagna native. On 20 — 08 — Monday at 9. On that day the Moon was in Maka star and in Kethu sub from 21 — 22 p. As Kethu is a Bhadhakasthana significator to the native who was born in Rishaba lagna the Bhadhaka effect were given by Kethu in whose star the Ascendant, Sun, Moon were all transiting.

The expected bhadhaka period of quarrel between the inmates and the native happened when the Ascendant transited the III sensitive zone from the position of the Moon who was in the II zone Leo to Scorpio. Both Sun and Moon were in Simha that is a fixed sign. There was a great deal of misapprehension between the native and his daughter — in law. The quarrel ended at The reason for this is that Moon completed the transit of Kethu sub by Therefore the sensitive zone of trace, written by me in the previous paragraph for the fructification of an event is correct and true under K.

P Astrology. Something unexpected comes before us and gives harmonious or inharmonious results, when the planets and the Ascendant moves in a similar star and sub, whose signification in the chart are harmonious or inharmonious for the native. This is the K. P event fructification rule. The 20th August was a Monday on which day the incident happened which was ruled by Moon as day lord. Our likes and dislikes are altered by the Planets, which are closely connected with some evil planets, which are significator to the bhadhakasthana.

How will be the Dhasa results and nature of results occurring in a Dhasa — Bhukthi — Anthara? The rules given in some of the old books like Bhavartha Chandrika and Utthrakalamritha cannot be relied fully. They simply fail when predicted according to its dictum. But K. One should see through K. But in K. This sub lord is the decider to offer favourable or unfavourble results that is hidden in the Horoscope and this sub theory is a sure and certain method.

For e. Mars was in Pushya star ruled by Saturn, who is 10th and 11th lord. As Mars was in the sub of Venus who is lord of 2nd and 7th for the Mesha Lagna decided to give him pecuniary results and his Bank position rose to high level month by month.

Astrology: Rules on job changes / doing well on job front

He sent his money to the 7th house relative i. Mars who signifies 10th and 11th plus 2nd and 7th denotes all these matters. Therefore, the Lagna lord, even though became the lord of the 8th should be considered as a benefic. To judge the Dhasa Bhukthi and Anthara results, one should first understand, which houses are ruled by the constellation lord in which the Dhasa or Bhukthi or Anthara lord is deposited. Note the houses ruled by the Dhasa or Bhukthi or Anthara lords separately 3. Those houses owned by star lord and the matters referred by those houses will materialize during the period of a planet, which is in the star of such a house lord.

The Dhasa lord is a planet — is the source. The constellation lord is the nature of house results. The deciding factor is in the hands of the sub lord of a planet. Suppose there are two planets in one star, but in different degrees, they will be in two different sub lords division. One may be in a favorable sub and the other may be in an unfavorable sub, which owns the needed houses or unconnected and evil houses.

Therefore, one should not jump to answer good or evil results in that D-B-A. A beneficial planet gives his results in the Dhasa period of the planet deposited in its star. The sub lord occupied by the planet decides whether the matter in question materializes and matures or fails to give the matter. Therefore, in K. Changes in ones life comes, according to the dhasa-bhukthi-and antharas in K. Some people suddenly get some changes and face troubles or good results, in their professional matters, or new environments, or quarrels with friends or neighbors, or near and dear relatives etc.

Why do such changes take place in ones life? The reason for this is the Dhasa periods. Therefore, one should make a list of significators and those planets in aspect to the Dhasa lord, by counting the distance from its position at birth, longitudinally. This will help you to a great extent in assessing the good or bad aspects according to western system. The good aspects are:- : 30, 36, 54, 60, 72,, , and The bad aspects are :- all the multiples of That is To predict correctly and clearly, in a beneficial planets dhasa, who is deposited in the star of a planet, who got the signification of 2nd or 6th or 10th or 11th house, irrespective of its ownership or occupation of a house, the dhasa lord offers harmonious results.

If the star lord of the dhasa lord is getting any of the good aspects from its star lord, the Dhasa lord will give good results also. This is the research result in K. One cannot understand this without taking many pains in analysing the chart with the help of a K. Adverse aspects like opposition or multiples of 22,5 degrees between planets or between the planets and the cusp point degrees are considered as adverse. Therefore that a planet or a cuspal point, which receives adverse aspects, indicates a bhava result gets afflicted and fails in offering the expected bhava results.

Planets that become debilitated or conjoined with melefics are also said to be afflicted. The bycorporal signs. This gives plurality of experience with different tastes through others comes under affliction. Generally, if the sub lord of the 7th cusp sub lord, if becomes Mercury or any planet in the star of Mercury and posited in a dual sign, this affliction denotes more than one wife or husband.

When a planet, other than Mercury, is posited in 15 degrees to the great luminary SUN it becomes combusted. So Sun greets him to low level and makes him afflicted. The northern signs are Mesham to Kanya. The southern signs Thula to Meena. Those planets having the same declination, either in north or south, are known as in parallel. The parallel declination is the equal distance from the ecliptic and not from the equator.

APPROACH Take a Horary number yourself or ask some to give, within , and prepare a Horary chart for the latitude and longitude, and also note down the Ruling planets for the time immediately after finishing the Horary chart. Make a table of significators and keep it ready for your reference. The subject is when will the event take place of once arrival.

Whether one will arrive earlier or later or whether one not at all comes. This is indicated by the cusp sub lord and by the Ruling Planets, which one should remember. If the cusp sub lord and the ruling planets simultaneously signify the houses, which we taken for consideration, the matter will be imminent, If any of the significators is not favourable, the matter in question will be delayed or may also fail to fructify. The 7th house indicates the person in question mostly. If that star signifies 7th 5th and 11th, one will come latter.

But it should signify the 3rd and the 9th without fail. He will not come. Why we have to consider the houses 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and the 11th. The reason is that the 3rd house indicates travel and short travel. The 9th house indicates the long travel. The 5th house denotes the other persons desire to move. The 11th house shows our desire fulfillment by receiving the needed person. The 7th house indicates opponent or the person expected by us. We or I is indicated by the lagna of the horary chart.

If any planet in the significators list is in retrogression and if its star lord is in direct motion, the matter will come through if a significator is in retrograde and if its star lord is also in retrogression, the matter will not materialize. One should call the R. Next the student in K. By this process we can confirm the arrival day of the person most correctly. How to proceed for the above matter under the tenets of K. For this we should see, when Moon would touch the favourable sub division in a star, when she is transiting on particular day. If the day lord is found to be favourable through the R.

P, then find out the transit of Moon on the sub of the day lord on that day. Similarly the ascendant should transit in a sign, star, and the sub of the R. P, on that day. Therefore you should remember to move the Moon and the Ascendant in a favourable sub and sign, and star of the strong Ruling planet found already. For ones travel the 3rd house is important. So, those planets that are significators to the 3rd house are fixed as good significators, particularly when fixing the sign for the ascendant to transit.

KP Astrology

The lord of the sign so fixed should have the connection to the 3rd or the 9th house, because these 2 houses indicate short and long journeys. Therefore see the movement of the ascendant in all the lagnas from the 1st lagna of the day when it transits through the stars in each lagna, who are also the Ruling Planets on the day when they were called for help. In which star can we expect ones arrival? This can be found by taking each star in a lagna and verify his signification. If that star lord is having the significance, which we require, that star transited by the ascendant becomes important for fruition of the event.

Every thing should happen only during the sub period of a planet that is transited by the Moon on that day in a star relevant to the question. Calculations are to be done by taking motion of the Moon, and duration of the time limit of the sub lord must be worked carefully.

To calculate the sub period of the planets, take motion of Moon from a. These durations are the sub periods transited by Moon in a star on that day. When the ascendant transits in a star which a favourable significator for our query, one should choose the strongest R. In the Ruling planets theory, the star lord transited by the Ascendant is the strongest R.

Then comes the Ascendant sign lord as the third rate R. The Fourth rate R. The last in strength is the day lord. If the day lord has figured as a R. The transiting planet is the source for an event. The star lord of the transiting planet is the nature of results. The sub lord of the transiting planet in a star is the deciding factor. These are the simple and sure rules enunciated by our Sathguruji.

Lords of houses and 11, in their transit, when they form favourable aspects they offer good results. Lords of houses and 12th in their transit, when they form evil aspects, offer good results only. The aspects should be read as per the western system only and not by Hindu method. The above said items 4th and 5th rules are to be referred to their radix original position at birth in the chart, from the daily transit position of the planet.

The improving houses, which are beneficial houses, which a planet forms evil aspect in its transit, gives loss, either to the beneficial houses or to their radix position at birth in their horoscope. The evil or malefic houses such as and the12th house lords, when they form good aspects gives loss and untoward results to the houses and 12th or to their natal position at birth, A natal is the same meaning for a birth chart.

Do you remember the Western aspects, which are 19 in number? One should not stop at a time by merely looking at the favourable significators for an event matters. Only when the significators are also conductors of the Dhasa - Bukthi —Anthara the matter will come to the fore and fulfill the matter.

The concept of significators The planet in the constellation of an occupant of a house. Planet that occupied a house, which has no occupant in its 3 stars. Planet in the constellation of the lord of a house, provided, if the houses of the lord of the constellation are vacant. The lord of the house becomes a significator, when there are no occupants in his 3 stars and the houses owned by him are vacant. A planet which is placed closer to cusp of house, even if it were in the back side of cusp, and it satisfies the above 3rd and 4th rules, it will become a significator to the said cusp Bhava in front of it.

As the constellation is akin to the dhasa, the bukthi is akin to the sub division lord. Similarly the anthara is akin to the Sub-Sub lord.

KP House Combination

The same sub lord is being controlled by it constellation lord, and affects the matters signified by that cusp and the house matters get modified in terms of the significations attained by cuspal-sub lords. Please read this paragraph several times to assimilate the system discovered and introduced to the world by our Sadhguru late Sri. Krishnamurthi who was born in in Tanjore Dt, in South India.

In Krishnamurthi Paddhathi, the sub-lord is the deciding factor in all cases. This is the sheet anchor in K. The Horary charts are highly dependable than the birth charts. For the the the assessing any a question in relationship with the query, that is in terms of matter in query one shall look in to sub lord of the cusp of the house that represents such matters. For example, ones life partner is indicated by 7th cusp. The 7th cusp sub will indicate the marital matters of the native. For getting off springs, you look in to 5th cusp sub lord and so on. If one analyses the sub lord of that cusp, one will be able to predict whether such matter indicated by that house will fructify or not.

To substantiate the necessity to assess the cusp and the sub lord of that cusp, as it is more important regarding the fructification of a particular matter indicated by a house, the following bhava results are written hereunder for favour of the students in KP stellar astrology, which was published in K.

He also advised to look in to the Dhasa-Bukthi-and Anthara periods that run at a particular time in ones life to predict good or bad results. Longevity: - If the sub lord of the lagna ascendant if signifies the Bhadhaka and Marakasthanas, i. If it signifies 1st, 5th, 9th, along with 3rd and 8th it promises long life.

If the sub lord of the ascendant signifies XI and if the ascendant falls in a moveable sign, or if signifies the 9th and the ascendant falls in a fixed sign, ones life span is short. Sickly person: - If the sub lord of the lagna cusp is in the constellation of a planet in the 6th, one will be sickly. Whenever the significators of 1st and 6th operate, during that period one will be suffering with some illness.

Chastity: - If the lagna cusp sub lord is full significator to the 11th and well connected to Jupiter, she will be a chaste woman 4. The ascendant sub lord indicates the general condition of ones head and also his health matters. If that sub lord is in the star of a planet in the maraka and bhadhakasthanas, ones longevity is short. The ascendant sub lord tells about ones physical features in terms of its connections with the sign positions and combinations with other planets. Fame and name is indicated by the lagna sub lord, if he is connected to the10th or 11th through star lord of these houses.

To lead a spiritual life, the sub lord of the lagna cusp being Kethu, deposited in the star of a planet in the 9th and Kethu in some manner connected to Saturn and 12th house. If the native has Venus well connected to Mars, he will be in a family life and spiritual life without becoming a sanyasi. If Kethu not being the ascendant sub lord but in the 2nd bhava and connected to XI and connected Saturn by stellar and connected to the 12th, as he is a Gnanakaraka and connection to 9th indicate philosophy and higher knowledge, and as the 12th tells us Mokshasadhana and service to others.

Such Kethu will give spiritual knowledge to the native. For finding a missing person, the lagna sub lord of the missing person if signifies the 2nd, 8th, and 11th, he is sure to return home, during the periods of the significators of 2nd 8th and 11th. If the sub lord of ones lagna, is deposited in the constellation of the planet occupying the 1st or the11th, his health is generally good. A woman can be a WITCH, only when the Ascendant sub lord is in a fiery sign, having connection with the 3 evil houses 6th, 8th, and 12th and along with Saturn, Mars and Kethu in some or other way.

One should take good care in comparing the connections obtained by the ascendant sub lord, to predict such a character. Please read the item 7th along with this 11th item. About the 2nd house cusp: -Subject: 1. To find whether one speaks the truth, if his II cusp sub lord is Mars—untruth and mischievous If it is Saturn he hides some news. If it is Mercury—will give detailed information. If he is Venus he is peacemaker.

If sun—will never lie and be a noble. If it is Jupiter—tells the truth always. If the sub of the 2nd cusp is Mars or in the star of Mars, he will be spendthrift. If he is Saturn he will be very economical and will not give money easily. As the 2nd house indicates the speech, if the 2nd cusp sub lord is either Kethu or Rahu and posited in a mute sign, and the 2nd cusp also should rise in the star of a planet, that owns a mute sign 5. As you know that the II house controls speech, finance, family and family members like increase of children etc. If it signifies 6th and 11th, there is success in litigation or getting promotion in service.

If it signifies 6th and 1st it shows borrowing money due to ill health; if it is 7th and 10th shows lucrative income through business is promised. If it signifies 7th and bhadhaka sthana—predict death is nearing. II marriage to be predicted, if the 2nd cusp sub lord is well connected to 7th will have 2nd marriage. If connected to only to the 11th house, one will keep a keep for enjoyment. The 7th house indicates the marriage in legal way. The 11th house indicate ones attachment to other woman or man by friendship, and not permanent tie. If star lord to the 12th house, which also is vacant, connects the 2nd cusp sub lord there will be defect in eye.

If the sub lord of the 2nd cusp is connected to the 8th house, the right eye is defective. If Rahu or Kethu are connected to the II bhava through some source, one will certainly have eye defect, during Rahu or Kethu dhasa periods. If the sub lord of the 2nd cusp is in the star of a depositor in 6th or 11th, indicates very good financial status for him. If the star lord is deposited in 2nd or 10th, moderate affluence.

If deposited at 3rd or 1st, he will have just satisfactory conditions prevail. If it is Mars, he is argumentative and authoritative.


If it signifies the 8th, it indicates quarrelsome nature in his speech. If it is Venus and signifies 11th and 5th, one mix sex matters and about ladies in speech invariably in all his talks. If the sub lord of the 2nd cusp, becomes a significator to the 2nd and 11th or by conjunction with either of the significators of the 2nd or 11th, and in a key post, he will get money in a secret way or under the table in his transactions.

Getting a telephone connection: - consider the houses 3rd-9th-and 11th significators.

kp astrology house combinations Kp astrology house combinations
kp astrology house combinations Kp astrology house combinations
kp astrology house combinations Kp astrology house combinations
kp astrology house combinations Kp astrology house combinations
kp astrology house combinations Kp astrology house combinations
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Kp astrology house combinations

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