November second horoscope

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You may have to help pay off a debt someone in your family incurred. Your business partner may turn out to be a criminal who steals from you. The income from your sideline job may rival that of your main job. Your partner may fall ill more frequently and be away from you a lot due to their work commitments in the first six months.

November 2 Scorpio Personality

Your relationship will improve after that as you two spend more time together. You may surprise everyone by announcing your wedding to someone who you first met as a holiday fling. A respected office senior can help advance your career. You may be promoted or be offered a job with more stability. You may be sent aboard to do some training. Any conflicts that are carried on from this year will be resolved gradually. In the second half of , you may need to sacrifice something in order to pull off a big job.

More medical bills await you next year. Modest returns from your portfolio can be expected. You may spend a lot of money to renovate your home or have a plastic surgery but end up disappointed by the result. If you're planning to buy a home next year, make sure it isn't haunted by bad juju. An abrupt break-up may happen because you always want to be right.

Your relationship may be more fragile than you think. You may have never considered yourself a homewrecker but an affair with someone married is on the cards. If you don't care about being the official love, you two will be able to see each other in secret for a long time. Next year you may be able to derive more joy out of your job. The boss will appreciate your output and reward you accordingly. Be ready to meet new people. If you're not a people person, you'll have to make an effort to be extra friendly.

The more connections you have, more successful you'll become. One of office juniors may turn out to be a troublemaker in the first six months. During the first six months, expect a constant stream of extra income from various freelance jobs. Your relatives will be telling you of freelance opportunities. However, you may have to pay off someone's debt because you signed up as a guarantor.

You may not be able to keep up with your savings goal in the later half of Be more mindful with money from July to October. Couples remain together but their love isn't as sweet as it was, thanks to their busy work schedules. Spouses should postpone plans for a baby if they know that they have to work long hours. You may become involved in a love triangle. You'll be the other person in someone's relationship. An affair with someone already spoken for is also possible. Your career prospects for is bright and promising. The company where you applied for a job months ago finally contacts you.

If you stay at the same company, you're likely to be promoted. You may decide to open your own business. If you're happy with being an employee, you would be able to stay above the fray, being unaffected by office politics. Many of your projects next year will succeed. A financial negotiation will end in your favour.

A sum of money that you've been waiting for will finally arrive. You may sell or rent out your property. Your portfolio generates considerable amount of returns. You'll be making money hand over fist next year, obviously. Lovers show support for each other in their individual pursuits. They may decide to get married or obtain a marriage licence. A baby may be on the way, too. They are compatible to you in many ways. This will be a serious relationship, which could lead to a marriage.

Prepare for several business trips that may result in new clients and customers. Don't work too hard in the second half of or you'll end up on a hospital bed. Be extra careful if you have to work with a machine. Your hater may try to kick you when you're down or steal what should be yours.

An opportunity to make more money awaits you after June. Be ready to pay for a big hospital bill and equipment repair. You may have to pay for a debt someone else caused. Some fights can bring you two closer and understand each other more. Couples help each other out in ways that they can. They may decide to get married or open a business together. Many online matches will be made. You're quite hot IRL, too. There's a good chance that you'll meet someone you really like next year. Don't see several people at the same time though or else you'll get caught.

Your career prospect remains the same during the first half of No challenges but also no excitement. A former colleague tells you of several job openings. Challenges await you during the later half of You may finish some tasks no one else wants to do. Overall, you'll be better at managing your wealth. An unexpected monetary gain in the form of either inheritance or compensation is on the cards. Your portfolio yields satisfying returns in the last six months of next year.

Love is likely to be a bit shaky. Your family likes your partner less and less. However, you'll have to act as a mediator between your family and them. Your ex may come back to your life. If it was a bad break-up, they may exact revenge. You may secretly see someone because you know many people frown upon your less-than-idealistic pairing.

Going public invites disapproval from both sides. Go public next year and public ire will be less severe. Your work life will be brighter. You get along better with your team. You'll get to meet more like-minded people who work in better sync with you.

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Harmony in the office. Should you decide to change jobs, you may be offered a job that is meaningful to you. Entrepreneurs, your new business is likely to be off to a good start. Close friends will be telling you of good freelance opportunities or insider info that can help you make a good investment. Expect several windfalls next year. A legal dispute over asset ownership will be settled outside court. Expect some fights but you two get along well most of the time. Couples may decide to get married or obtain a marriage licence.

A shared dream may come true. You may meet your other half that you've been searching for all your life. This could be the start of a great love. A wedding before the end of is possible. Something's off. Maybe your mood and energy aren't right. You feel entitled to many things, but you don't quite know what they are.

You could be feeling needy or grabby. On the other hand, you might have enough self-control to restrain yourself until you figure out what you're lacking. What matters more is how you fulfill those or soothe those needs. One thing is certain: Good or bad, this will be a brief, surprising period. You could learn a lot about yourself and the way you operate. Be forewarned: The immaculate condition of your life is about to change. The waters are muddied by messy emotions today. As much as you might prefer life to be neat, clean and efficient at all times, you have to accept the fact that you occasionally need other people.

Whatever's going on, consider this a warm welcome back into human society. This is what being alive is all about, so enjoy it. Be glad there's affection in your life. That's far more than some can say. You've been trying your hardest. You've been wearing the biggest smile you've got and speaking in your sweetest voice.

And yet, you just can't seem to win them over. All this toxic niceness is backfiring. It's time to do something decisive to save the situation, or at least yourself. Today, figure out a way to shake them awake by other means. And don't neglect the benefits of stating your case or your opinion plainly. You tend to avoid being direct with people, but sometimes it's the only way to get through to them.

You've been keeping to yourself, haven't you? When the phone rings, you let your voicemail answer. When a friend sends an e-mail, you file it away for later response. And that's okay. Seclusion suits you well right now.

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Your focus and energy have turned inward. You're taking sublime inventory of your true, inner self. It's best to keep your own counsel today. That way, you can tighten your focus and establish a solid plan for the moment you'll spring into action.

November 12222 Monthly Horoscope

And when that happens, well -- watch out, world! You seem careless and quirky, fashionably sloppy yet daring to be different. It's all an act, obviously a very good one, but an act just the same. Deep down, you're seething with conventional anxieties. Welcome to the human race. Of course, you don't have to dwell on this stuff all the time. Just be yourself today as kind of a check-in. Let real friends offer real help. They actually like you even if you're all living with one foot in the land of illusion. And that's one less reason to complain. Respect what others call holy or authentic, even if your inner voice tells you they're trying to scam you or just deluding themselves.

But along with giving them your respect, it wouldn't hurt to look beyond or behind what they say. Maybe you'll get a better idea about what they're thinking and what unseen forces are at work here. Keep these investigations within the realm of peaceful curiosity, because you're really not trying to make trouble. You can learn a lot about your world today, and maybe then you'll be better qualified to judge, or even see that judgment is meaningless. Today is a good time to connect with your own watery energy.

Let it flow subtly and beautifully by meditating on the movement and quality of water itself -- that free-flowing thing that meanders wherever it can. That's how your thoughts should work. Don't curtail your imagination or impose any expectations of practicality on yourself, especially if you're developing ideas for a project. Let your mind flow. Take notes on where it leads you. Most of all, don't be lured by loud, shiny novelties. You don't need them. The best stuff comes unannounced. Be ready to respond to anything.

Maybe they're saying it's none of your business, but how can any of you be sure about that? Your words will be liquid today, and your actions will be fluid. Your position will be bendable, too.

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  • Either you do a lot of yoga, or you've got relaxation down to a science. Some people may call you spineless for all this, but that's only because they're so rigid. All you're doing is changing with the changes, and that's OK for now. Though it may work against your mood or your very nature, do your best to be patient and pleasant today. You aren't alone in this world, and you need people in your corner, whether you're combining efforts at work or with friends. Keep your motives pure. That way, other people will know they can trust you.

    Does this really cost you so much? Even if today's reality doesn't line up with your favored fantasies, at least you'll know you're not forcing it. They don't have to tell you what good taste is. You're already way too cool and suave for that kind of advice.

    You can read situations and minds because people's true intentions are evident to you. Of course, you don't want to creep them out by flaunting your psychic abilities. Your best bet is to observe and then act accordingly. If you can take the social pulse today, you'll be positioned to improve the spiritual health of friends and strangers alike. Get them to smile and trust each other, and that'll be your first step right there.

    It's OK if your dreams are big. A healthy fantasy life is important, and who can control what their unconscious mind washes up? But there could be trouble if your hopes are as unrealistic as your dreams. You're flirting with movie stars whose lunch would cost you a week's pay. You're way too loose-lipped with other people's secrets. Common sense sinks beneath a flood of wannabe one-upmanship. This can't be healthy. Watch your back today. You might be having fun, but somebody else could take this way too personally.

    Images and intuition come quickly now, overflowing your mind. You know your perceptions are accurate, because they're completely from the heart. You're meeting the world on its own terms, which is to say, you've let go of what's logical in favor of what simply is. Be sure to write these dreams and inspirations on the wall, so everyone can have a few days to ponder your vision. That way, you can all act together. Not now, though. This period is all about letting your thoughts go where they will. You can turn them into something concrete later. You're a bit of a dreamer, especially under today's energy.

    You just want life to be incredible. Is that so much to ask? Often it is. At the moment, you need to take stock of yourself. Consider whether you're working to fix what's broken or just fixating on how you wish things would turn out. Wild, romantic idealism at the moment will only cause you to suffer needlessly. It may seem depressing to be realistic. But you'll be a lot better off if you stick with what's possible.

    Who's truly deserving of your charity? Figure this out today, and be judicious. That shouldn't be too difficult, even under the current, idealistic energy. You're analytical by nature, so turn that sharp eye of yours toward the areas of your life in which you give too much. You might find you've been overly compassionate with some people but not enough with others, including yourself. That's right: You're deserving of your own kindness, more than anyone. At the very least, find ways to trim your selfless giving to what's truly necessary.

    You've always been a bit gullible. That tendency could get you into trouble today. You're always so anxious to please everyone. Being the idealist you are, you'll jump too fast at irrational suggestions instead of taking the time to think things through. Weigh out what's a good idea and what isn't.

    It's obvious to everyone around you that your hopes are high. Make sure you don't invite anyone to take advantage of your eagerness or your good intentions. Mysteries and intrigue move through your mind like strange fish through deep, dark water. You know what it all means, or at least, you have a pretty good idea -- even if no one else does.

    And that's just fine. Be as cryptic as you please today.

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    • There's no reason to share your thoughts or plans with anyone else, and as long as you're considerate, who can complain? Eventually you'll explain what it all means, but until then, keep to yourself. That's what makes you so sexy. What's so great about the home team? It's just people playing a game, not some deep part of your identity. While there's a lot to be said for blending in with the landscape, chameleons need to show their true colors from time to time. The moment for sly criticism is over. Be honest about you who really are, what you really think, and be realistic about the consequences.

      Go your own way today. Follow a more natural course. It might be closer to what you want. Embrace your imagination in a bear hug. This could be your chance for really getting to know your unconscious mind. While that's sure to make you deeply happy, and while that happiness is sure to make you more open and honest, you probably want to be a little more cautious with others.

      Not everyone reacts well to bear hugs, you know. It might take a while before you know their hearts and dreams. Let them offer these things freely, because you're less likely to find out anything about them if you keep trying to penetrate their defenses.

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      You need definite physical boundaries but plenty of mental space for your mind to roam. You're working on something good today, and your ideas shouldn't be constricted by the bonds of reality or other expectations. If this is a group project you're planning, your friends or work mates might wonder why you have became distant and dreamy. Don't worry about it.

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      You can explain it to them later, or let your ideas speak for themselves. Get some alone time if you can. A little isolation would be well worth it.

      November 2 Zodiac

      Welcome a day of bouncing energy and general friendliness. Sounds positively canine, doesn't it? Maybe you have the puppy eyes and the wagging tail -- or its human equivalent. Maybe you're even licking everyone's face. Well, in certain situations that might be OK, but you'll soon develop a sense of what's appropriate, whether on or off leash, because you're a people person again.

      Hooking up for the first time is a fine thing, and reconnecting is even better.

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