Death aspects in astrology

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It seems two people could interprete a reading very differently. I have been trying to read all of your chart interpatations trying to learn how you read a natal chart the way you do. Any and all the help with this is amazing! Neptune at about 5 Capricorn lies in the 7th. Do you have the same chart? No mine is different I have 10 gemini rising and 5 capricorn on the cusp of the 8th house neptune is on 5 capricorn but is in the 8th house cusp. Maybe I am saying it incorrectly. Like I said Im very new so I could be saying something incorrectly. I am only practicing with this chart.

I appreciate your help greatly.

The Point of Sonia-- A Point of Personal Transformation

Here is the data I am using:. I am not asking exact age but in the form of medium,short or long. If u could tell abt my father and mother longivity then i will be vry thankful to u. I am very tensed abt my parents as some says negative abt them. My dob is 20 12 9 am place panipat har thanx. I look at charts of deceased people to find indicators of their demise. I do not do this for living people because there is no guarantee that I will be correct and I would not want to make a mistake which would give inaccurate and potentially upsetting information.

Thank you sir for replying. I also know that death is only in the hands of almighty. No one can predict the death but sir I just want to ask abt parents coz some says in the coming yrs anything negative can happn to them. Thats why just to remove the doubt I am asking this. IF just answer in one word i. Moon in aquarius 12 House.

This scares me because my 8th house is in Aries…do all individuals with the 8th house in Aries tend to die prematurely? You cannot judge an entire chart from a single factor. Uranus in Aries right now transiting at the cusp. I made my own decision to have elective surgery to remove plate and pins from previous accident. My natal Mars trine moon in capricorn in 5th and sextile Merury in Scorpio in 3rd, Mars also square by Neptune in Saggiturus from 4th the ruler of 7th as the only stressful major aspect. I thought of suicide due to partnership breakdown and disappointment several times in the past.

But never really attempted it. However it was that motor accident, motorcycle 3rd house mercury gave me some injuries from 3rd house and by a woman, moon. I have been recovering well while awaiting compensation payout. The overall accident is beneficial. Both mercury and moon strengthen Mars in Virgo in the 1st house-8th house surgery and insurance also relevant to paperwork 3rd and luck 5th, ongoing business partnership with the lawyer 7th. For the accident, it was her fault to hit mean at the green pedestrian crossing however few minutes before the accident I made change of the direction I was going.

Therefore it was somehow linked to my self initiate course of event. Also the timing was indicated by my solar return and solar eclipse 2 days post solar return conjoined my natal mercury and ruler of ascendant which mercury in Scorpio mutual reception with the 8th house lord by sextile by signs by houses. My boyfriend who is an astrologer had warned me few week before not to use my new bicycle to ride to work however it turned out to be me hit by motorcyclist anyway. What kind of effect would Intercepted houses in the natal have here? Like if 7th and 8th house are in the same sign. And if Saturn or Pluto were the rulers, what woud that mean?

I have very extreme personality. Sun Pisces 7.

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Sun Trine Jupiter 3. I am not afraid of death. Please respond. Or did you just use 8am as a default? One had in fact tried to commit suicide several times before I met him. Good point. I thought I had mentioned the dispositor. Planet stands out as in same degree to the angles or at least closest to your solar return axises will be the highlight of the year. Many people often got into life changing illness soon before and soon after their solar return.

Seen plenty in hospital people got admitted during that 1 month before or after window. Hello Sir, My elder brother was found dead last month in his room. Can you please let us know what can be the reason for his death at young age, he was just Details are : Born on 24 May Time: a. Location: New Delhi, India Why he not lived a long life, he was not having any disease either.

Plz Ans me Why she do this…W loved grt 2 eachother….

Can u pls tell the nature of my death like natural ageing ,suicidal, or accidental. Dob: 31 may 9. What if you gave a wrong aanswer? He is already dead, however, want to know if his death was destined as it was a very sudden death without any illness. His dob is 22 june Time of birth 1 am. And place daryapur maharashtra india. Name subhash nagarkar. I need ur help and wud really be thankful to u.

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My dad died on 25th jan , it was a sudden death without any illness. Due to this my family is completely disturbed. Cud you please help me in reading his death.

The 12th House

I want to know whether his death was destined or he died b4 his actual death time. I not sure anyone will see this comment but I am really disturbed by all the people asking about death like they are asking about the weather. Tony must surely be disgusted by it. They have no respect for death or spelling either for that matter and treat it as such.

Many people have a terrible fear of death, which is really part of the life cycle. Except for people like Elvis, there is usually very little controversy about the facts. I agree with your reply. I hope you did not misconstrue what I wrote as I was speaking about the commenters who were flip and facile about you predicting their death, I was not criticizing in any way the intuitive and instructive educational post that you wrote.

I would like to know when am destined to die? Natural or suicide? I am working on helping someone find the remains of a missing person that has been missing for a few years. I am very new to astrology and I am using horary and asked the question, where are the remains on May 8, at pm out of Rehoboth MA… 71w15 41n This is archetypal experience. Like every human being, you contain all these universal archetypes. Sometimes they are active and other times they wait in the wings for their moment. The characters are eager to be experienced by human beings. Each one has something it is trying to say, teach or accomplish, using your human experience to do it.

Pluto's Meaning in Astrology

The year of has an interesting set of dramas in it. Now imagine yourself in a grand theater. The lights are dimming. There is a spotlight on center stage. You are about to meet the characters. Meet Pluto.

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Whatever I touch dies and is reborn. Sometimes Neptune appears as a ghost from beyond the grave or the spirit of an ancestor. Things in my realm cannot be measured, yet when people have an experience of me, they know it, even though it cannot be proven. When the spirit leaves the body, everyone agrees the body is dead, but no one can say what has gone. Up pops Uranus.

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Uranus tends to appear as a force for change and progress. I bring revolution and sudden insight. I descend upon you with the Eureka! I alter your perspective so radically that you can no longer see things the old way and you have to change. Now Chiron steps forward. I remind you of old, stuck pain from the past. My gift is accelerated evolution. His life is lived in bottom lines. I remind you of all the things you should have done and been.

I make you feel guilty, but behind that is a powerful drive to succeed and accomplish great things. Think of me as your own personal drill sergeant. And finally, Jupiter takes the spotlight. Jupiter is the Sage, the Storyteller, the Explorer and Adventurer. I play good cop to his bad cop. Each planet has a simple, pure nature but rarely gets to express itself purely, because whatever sign it happens to be in will limit and shape its expression. The sign a planetary character is in is like a costume he is wearing. The costume may constrict or enhance his movement and he may or may not be comfortable in the costume he finds himself in.

As associate soothsayer we have a tendency to are at the best equipped to offer associate approximate amount, that is once more subjected to any or all fashionable advancement in bioscience of life support systems and organ transplants etc. Hence, the longevity indicated here ought to be indicative and not definitive.

In this report of longevity calculation, we have a tendency to are primarily checking three parameters in your chart. Member Login Not a Member? Talk to Astrologers. Helpline: Indian Astrology. Shani Mahadasha Tips.

The Astrological Eighth House Cusp or "Death House" | Exemplore

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