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I am a certified yoga teacher, trained primarily through the Integral Yoga Institute, which was founded by Swami Satchidananda. I practice yoga for its spiritual and mental focus as well as its physical benefits. In my astrology readings I work with clients to help them find balance and direction on their path. I believe the proper use of astrology opens us to whatever healing we need, develops our awareness of self and others, and allows us to recognize our purpose in this life.

Dharma – Karma and Who are You Before You are You?

We come into life with a sense of dharma, or duty, to fulfill. This dharma is different from destiny and separate from karma. When we are on our path and centered within our purpose, we find a strength in our dharma that feels like a radiant sun rising to warm our day. Astrology serves as a key to open and balance the chakras and revitalize our lives, harmonize the will and direct our energy in keeping with our dharma. I find an awareness of the chakras and their relationship with the planets is a powerful tool for transformation.

Through its mental focus, yoga leads us to grasp that knowledge through direct experience of body and mind. In working with clients' charts, I use classical approaches to the natal chart combined with esoteric indications drawn from Hermetic laws and the teachings of the Tarot.

In a horoscope, 9th house is house of religion and spirituality.

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Likewise, 10th house is house of duty, work or actions. So, whenever Lord of 10th house and Lord of 9th house connect with each other, it creates a Dharma-Karmadhipati Yoga.

Nakshatra Lords in Vedic Astrology, dharma, Artha, Karma and moksha

Now, Sun and Mercury both are sitting together in 10th house. Here, it creates Dharma-Karmadhipati Yoga, which means this person will take spiritual duties in life.

Dharma karma adhipati yoga – the story about Oprah – part 5 | Vedic astrology - Jyotish

One of the example I can think of right now is Deepak Chopra. This yoga makes a person very well-verse and knowledgeable about spiritual texts. These are the people who can give a whole new meaning to an age old religious text which none ever thought off. As 9th house is also a house of long distance travels, this yoga makes these people to travel to other countries or far distant places to preach and teach about religion. Now, lets see different ways in which this yoga can form.

The most powerful is the one in picture, where 9th house lord and 10th house lord are in conjunction in 10th house itself. Second way is when 9th house lord and 10th house lord exchange each other houses.

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It means, if in this picture, Sun Lord of 9th house sits in 10th house and Mercury Lord of 10th house sits in 9th house. Third way is 9th house lord and 10th house lord aspect each other or their is one planet aspecting the other. Why Upachaya Houses are good for this yoga? Vishal S Saxena — Astrologer. I know I have, no shame in that.

Artha Trikona – Triangle of Wealth – 2nd, 6th, and 10th houses

To explain the idea of karma and maybe throw a different light on it I want to share the story of Rahu and Ketu with you. The concept or the idea of karma has nothing to do with religion, ethnicity or other orientations. Karma, simply put and as we know it, is the law of cause and effect. Makes sense, right?

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When you think of instant karma you may picture saying something mean or doing something wrong to someone else and seconds later have a pigeon poop on your head or stubbing your toe on a rock. Sure, that happens. Cultures have belief systems and codes of conduct built around the idea of karma.

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Karma is such a revered and feared concept in Bali for example that the entire behavioural system is designed in a way to avoid bad karma at all cost. Many Balinese people are exceedingly polite, helpful and dedicated to providing beauty, service and honour their deities, all to create better karmic retributions for themselves and generations before and yet to come into this world. I want to get into a more personal perspective on karma though, something you may use to heal, to understand and maybe even prevent negative karmic fallout in your life:.

According to Vedic Astrology the planets responsible for your karmic lesson in this lifetime are the lunar nodes Rahu and Ketu. Ketu, the South node, shows your past life karma whereas Rahu, the North node creates or shows you the karmic lesson in this current life. To bring Rahu and Ketu into easier context let me tell you their story. There are several different versions of this story, so let me share the version I learned when I was first exposed to Vedic Astrology nearly twenty years ago. In ancient times the devas, the gods known in Hindu mythology, decided to uncover and use the desirable Amrita Soma, a nectar that would cause immortality.

dharma karma astrology Dharma karma astrology
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dharma karma astrology Dharma karma astrology
dharma karma astrology Dharma karma astrology
dharma karma astrology Dharma karma astrology

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