Venus aquarius mars aquarius compatibility

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Very emotionally unsatisfying in the beginning , as the89freespirit said. Scorpio desires intensity, but Aquarius is distant. I am a Cap sun btw. I think its a good pairing to learn to come out of your comfort zones and learn from each other. If a relationship is going to work,its going to take effort on both parts..

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He would need to accept you like your independence and he should have more himself,and you would need to learn to be a little more attentive to his needs. It needs to go both ways,not just one. Balance is key. Finding someone who understands that is the hard part lol, IP: Logged.

Venus in Aquarius, Mars in Aquarius Compatibility

Posts: From: Storybrooke, Mr. Its so terrible that a couple of sites outright says that its doomed to failure material. Yet, the marriage works IP: Logged. Either too hot or too cold lol. I have a huge chasm fulla love and emotion and passion er, ScorpMoon and when I am in a acknowledged friendship or relationship I am very expressive -but yeah when I'm trying to 'flirt' LOL when I'm not scorpmoon staring and aries rising bulldozing I'm just quirky, weird venus in aqua chillin' LOL I also notice this thing where I like to know the guy's watching me when I am not paying attention to him.

I think this is why I sometimes talk to the friends to peripheral vision-see if the interest he is sharing with me while we're eye-to-eye is as strong when I'm 'away'. Maybe it's venus in aqua checking in advance if he is cool with my sociableness and sometimes needed me-time? Capriquarius unregistered. Sounds just like a guy I dated who has Cap Venus progressed into Aqua, with the staring at wall bit while my eyes were fixed on him. He has admitted to having fear of intimacy What do you think of the other Venusian sign? Find all posts by Ollie. Re: Venus in Scorpio vs Venus in Aquarius: the two most challenging signs in love.

I don't believe in difficult signs signs only difficult aspects maybe.. The other planets and aspects determine a lot of this - you can have Venus in Aquarius but if Sun is in Capricorn and Mars and Moon in Taurus, the complexion could be considerably different. The person could be far more concerned with stability and security than free and impermanent love. I have Venus in Gemini which is supposed to be considered fickle as well as a Gemini Sun and Mercury - but I have a Leo Moon on the 4th cusp and Mars in Virgo - loyalty and stability are important to me.

I'm only fickle in the fact that if you betray me or flake out, my in-love-edness can disappear quite easily and absolutely. But it isn't fickle to start, quite the opposite. I'll put up with quite a bit for quite a while before that point is reached.

Signs Of Aquarius In Love

The traditional interpretation as you consider it would say the opposite, that I would be fickle and continually swayed in love by the next best thing that comes along and back again. Originally Posted by mdinaz. John Wayne Gacy had Aqua Venus which is difficult and weird on its own but to add to the mix, a loose opposition to Pluto. He was into secretive bizarre, violent sexual activities with young men whom he abducted and then killed.

Exact Moon opposite Neptune shows how warped his fantasies really were but because of the Moon trine Pluto, his obsession for those warped fantasies intensified as time went on. He had give or take 33 victims stuffed under his house. Originally Posted by Ollie. Last edited by anjelik; at AM. Originally Posted by anjelik. Just based on the people that I know with either placement, I don't see just those aspects alone making it work.

They are far too different. Aquarius is detached and Scorpio wants to merge.

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I know that is a generalization, but generalizing based on Venus signs is the same thing. I think if Aquarius works with any water sign it is Pisces - Pisces can be as emotional as a Scorpio without the up front intensity. I've seen quite a few Pisces end up with Aquarius. I think this is because Pisces is able to be more of an enigma and more gently probing than Scorpio.

Pisces also will allow Aquarius to have freedom because Pisces wants freedom as well. They allow each other freedom and have been married 40 years not counting the 5 years they dated before that. I think Aquarius Venus can fall in love - I have friends with this placement. I think the way they show love is just very different than someone with a Scorpio Venus.

Sun in Aries

The person with Aquarius Venus would probably make the Scorpio Venus person feel very insecure. Scorpio Venus needs intensity and they need confirmation. I have heard my Scorpio Venus friends say that they LIKE when a partner is jealous or possessive - it apparently makes them feel desired.

Sun enters Scorpio

They also like the Pluto power struggle feeling. My Aquarius Venus friends have said that the most unattractive trait in a partner is jealousy. I just don't see it working based on Venus signs alone. Interestingly enough, I have a healthy dose of Pluto in my chart and every man I've ever been serious with has had a healthy dose of Uranus. The same goes when you look at my parents charts as well. My mom has a ton of Pluto and my dad has Uranus. Last edited by Ollie; at AM. Originally Posted by may28gemini. Most would think that combo is going to be flirtatious, fickle and flakey, and a complete both emotional and physical cheater.

I'm not anywhere close to that. It's true that I'm adventurous and enjoy doing a lot of different things, but as far as personality is concerned, I'm actually quite reliable, although, I'll admit, I do get very tired out if I'm relied on too much or all the time. However, the determining factor is that I have an exact Venus-Pluto trine. Where Pluto is concerned, there's extremes that come into play and it's all or nothing.

That's precisely my case.

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I once had it "all"- I married young and love was all encompassing and very intense. I either feel strongly about something or someone positive or negative or there's nothing and I won't be bothered with it. It seems so black and white and not at all typical of Gemini energy at all. I understand that, actually the synastry tells a lot about compatibility, but I guess in the end it's just about the people involved and timing too I guess.

But in the end, it wasn't about the chart. Nothing in the world could stop the fact that he wasn't what I needed nor I was what he wanted at the moment. Even though we had a good synastry we left things clear and we don't talk to each other anymore and I have to say that I incited that. I would suspect then that the composite of you didn't match. Many people can have great synastry and absolutely nothing in composite. Great friends but a terrible couple. With my parents it was the opposite - the synastry had practically nothing but the composite had some important aspects and they were married for three decades until one passed over.

You have to look at all the charts to determine if a couple can survive and should even be together to begin with. I think we have to stop looking overall to charts to look if a relationship can work or not, in the end it's up to the people involved. I think it goes beyond of what we already know from our charts and that's why I wanted real Venus in Scorpio and Venus in Aquarius to tell their experiences!

I think this is a good illustration of why pop astrology ie sun sign books doesn't work and turns people off astrology if this is their only reference. Not even close. To people who don't know me, I'm the strong silent type to whom you don't want to get on my bad side. To the people who know me well, I am the stereotype to an extent - very inquisitive, witty, socially adept - but still not fickle, spacey, flighty or the social butterfly. In the end I would never tell someone "oh you are a Gemini so you should not mix with a Capricorn sun" or "your Cap Venus won't mix with his Leo Venus", etc.

Sex with Aquarius

Anything can mix with the right supporting cast. You're a Gemini? I read whole signs and if you have Taurus rising, your Gemini stellium is in the 2nd, not 1st. Thank goodness for that right? If you had Gemini rising and all that Gemini energy was really in 1st, yikes, you'd be a nervous wreak!! I think the stabilizing factor for your chart from the info you gave is that of Mars. Taurus Mars is probably the most stable and most calm Mars any of the signs, more calm than Cap Mars which has an obsessive compulsive need to plan everything to the T.

No No … we bring it out of each other, the fun, the smile and the disregard for conventionality. Think Latex, Knee-length boots, nipple clamps, spanking, whips, chains, collars.. Though their passion is expressed in physical extreme levels, its core source is MIND. Words and suggestions, ideas and options.. WTF im quite sensual liking the slow journey of sex and a man who is both masculine but not macho and perceptive and trust worthy. I agree kate, it can take on different levels. But before being with my present mate the guy with moon and mars in aqua , I was with a virgo.

I think the energy that comes out when both are put together is different from an individual aspect.

Mars in Aquarius: The f*boy placement

I agree with Kate. I am an Aries Sun female with a Sagittarius Sun boyfriend. We try our best to spread this out but, when we do get together after waiting a whole 24 hours… lol we spend days together non-stop. I am the same way but, I am definitely aloof and detached in my manner which makes him feel special that he has my affection.

Sex is exotic and kinky in our own way. We often look like a human pretzel. We are very smiley and we just are so zany as individuals, together we really set it off.

venus aquarius mars aquarius compatibility Venus aquarius mars aquarius compatibility
venus aquarius mars aquarius compatibility Venus aquarius mars aquarius compatibility
venus aquarius mars aquarius compatibility Venus aquarius mars aquarius compatibility
venus aquarius mars aquarius compatibility Venus aquarius mars aquarius compatibility
venus aquarius mars aquarius compatibility Venus aquarius mars aquarius compatibility
venus aquarius mars aquarius compatibility Venus aquarius mars aquarius compatibility
venus aquarius mars aquarius compatibility Venus aquarius mars aquarius compatibility
venus aquarius mars aquarius compatibility Venus aquarius mars aquarius compatibility

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